Important Tips For Organizing A Memorable Appreciation Day

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Be it an event for your employees or your clients, an appreciation even is on that will be used to thank the people who have helped in making your business a success. And the significance and impact of this appreciation event on your company can be huge. If you organize an event of this nature without a definitive plan or purpose, and it ends up being a poorly executed, impersonal event, it could leave the clients or employees feeling unvalued and generic. The most crucial element of an appreciation event is the attendance of valued clients and employees, get them to stay the entire duration of the event, and of course, to make them aware of you value and appreciate them. Therefore, lets look at how you can plan a top-notch event that will leave your guests feeling moved, inspired and respected.

The budget

You could have the most creative and inspiring ideas for the event, but if you dont have the budget to bring them to life, all the time and effort you spent on planning would be in vain. Therefore, before you plan the details of the event, you should figure out how much you can spend. Your budget should include the cost of renting the venue, food, beverages, entertainment, invitation, advertising and gifts. If youre working with a limited budget, you can invite a sponsor to help finance the event. This could allow sponsors to meet and network with potential clients, employees and other agents in the industry. You could also ask a nonprofit organization that your company supports to fund the event, as an event of this scale will give them more exposure while also allowing stakeholders of your business to witness your philanthropic efforts.


When organizing activities for the event, its important that you know the demographics of your guests. For example, if there are children, you will have to arrange different activities to keep them engaged. Therefore, you should include a variety of activities that will meet the divergent interests of the attending guests and give them a memorable experience. You can hand every guest a small goodies bag of promotional gifts with customized luxury packaging with the company name and logo as a way of creating value and showing appreciation. You can also offer promotions or discounts to those attending and transform the event to a sales-boosting day. You can also bring in a live band or a magician to make the event more entertaining.

The venue

You can save money on the venue if your facility is able to host the event for the number of guests you want to attend. If not, you can pick another venue such as a restaurant, banquet hall or a hotel. You can rent out a venue that offers food and beverages as it will remove the need to hire caterers. The venue should be spacious enough for all your guests and have enough room for everyone to mingle.